My Model For The Evening: Continuing Art Basel Miami

I was inspired one evening by Ms. Samantha Levi's beautiful sherbet hair, pale skin and razor sharp blue eyes. I decided I wanted to vamp her normally soft pretty style.

I took my zuca bag and pulled out everything I had.

I started of course with Nars eye primer that's clear and I notice nothing ever moves after I set the eye with powder. I started with Feline Kohl liner by Mac and drew a hard black lid and softened the edges with a small blending brush. I decided to take a thick dense brush and get a gunmetal pigment by mac and softly press the pigment on top of feline. I used feline to begin the look because anything dark underneath will give a great amount of depth without having to keep grabbing for that eyeshadow or pigment; to get that dark or bright look you see on runway, editorial. I decided I wanted a bit more depth so I used a black gel paint pot by MAC and light traced the lash line up toward the corner of the eye and then smudged the corner out. for a bit of color in the crease and to keep everything blended I used Nars cordura and soft brown by Mac and mixed the two for crease color and blending.

Samantha does not need full face coverage and I hate covering freckles. Freckles should never be fully covered and should be embraced. I just used Armani foundation in number 2 around the eyes and little places just for a bit of even coverage I used a powder brusd over the liquid to blend and soften so its not heavy (full coverage should be left to editorial magazines not everyday wear). Let your pores breath. I've noticed that if I use Nico highlight by Nars throughout cheek and contour bone and then use blush and contour powder in the necessary areas they look even and smooth and softened without any harsh lines. Again nobody needs to see a contour line. It should be kept soft and subtle.

To Finish the look I used Nars Matte lip pencil 413 Bleecker and took a Tom Ford Nude as a finishing coat to soften the color since the focus was the eyes (pick either eyes or lips) not both.

The Ultra finish was Givenchy's Mascara which is sold at Barney's beverly Hills by their specialist Pircilla. And last but not least a little setting powder called Eden by Nars and Laguna around the face to soften any features such as forehead and jaw.

This is finished look and I hope you enjoy!

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