Cosmo! Bravo, Bravo this is a great read and spot on with the 2015 trends

I agree with every trend and where fashion and makeup is taking us. The trick is effortless beauty. Life is not a pageant and we have seen some overdone contouring to last a lifetime. Don't over draw your eyebrows and put 3 pairs of lashes on everyday. Don't over highlight your face especially if you have large pores and would not want to accentuate them.

I have been seeing some trends over the last year where I am not surprised where makeup, hair, and fashion is going. The lady gaga and wigs of the past are put to the past, we got over saturated with these images that fashion and makeup and being a daredevil everyday became too hard. It has taken a 180 turn for natural beauty, look at Nicki Minaj's new look. Natural hair color, and less quarky clothing. She put down the costumes and put on the little black dress.

Makeup should not be overdone and/or slapped on like clown art. Pick the bold lip or a smoldered and smokey eye (not over done). Take off the colored contacts and bottom lashes and stick to really great mascara. Cover Girl works everytime!

When working backstage during fashion week, the artists use the lightest foundation and do quick beauty looks because we only have 5 to 10 minutes. I know that most of the time that's all you have as well... Make it look effortless and pretty, not the geometry blocks on your face.

Written by Carly Cardellinoe;

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