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Stylist.Personal Shopper.

Andrew Toma, an accomplished fashion stylist with an insatiable passion for creative expression and a global perspective. With a wealth of experience spanning across fashion capitals like New York, Los Angeles, and Europe, I have had the privilege of working with renowned designers, esteemed publications, and influential individuals from around the world.


Growing up in the vibrant streets of New York City, I was captivated by the city's pulsating energy and its undeniable influence on the fashion industry. From an early age, I knew that fashion would be my chosen path, and I embarked on my journey to explore the boundless realms of style and self-expression. Working alongside some of the industry's most respected names, I honed my skills, developed a discerning eye, and learned to navigate the ever-changing landscape of trends and aesthetics.

Seeking new adventures and fresh inspiration, I ventured west to the sun-soaked shores of Los Angeles. The city's fusion of laid-back glamour and cutting-edge fashion presented a dynamic canvas for me to push the boundaries of my creativity. Collaborating with renowned stylists, iconic brands, and influential celebrities allowed me to refine my artistic vision, incorporating a seamless blend of West Coast ease and sartorial sophistication into my work.


Europe beckoned me with cultural diversity, and world-class fashion scenes. I found myself immersed in the tapestry of European style. Drawing inspiration from the continent's unique fashion capitals, I cultivated a distinct aesthetic that marries classic elegance with contemporary edge. My experiences across Europe have shaped my ability to seamlessly blend different cultural influences, resulting in a style that is globally informed yet distinctive.


For me, styling is more than just putting together clothes; it's a form of storytelling, an expression of individuality and empowerment. My approach is rooted in understanding the desires, aspirations, and identities of my clients. I strive to create transformative fashion moments that not only enhance their external appearance but also reflect their inner essence. By curating looks that encapsulate their vision and personality, I aim to instill confidence and empower them to embrace their unique style journey.



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